72. Capital Campaigns with Edit Barry

In this episode of Mindful School Marketing, we are joined by Edit Barry, co-founder of E&A Collaborative. She discusses the intricacies of capital campaigns for educational institutions, emphasizing strategic planning and audience engagement. Edit highlights the role of a compelling case statement in connecting emotionally with donors. The conversation explores potential mistakes to avoid and the importance of viewing marketing as an investment. Edit also shares thoughts on mindfulness in understanding and connecting with the audience.

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70. VAIS Annual Conference Recap

In this special episode on The Mindful School Marketing podcast, we embark on a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the 50th Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS) annual conference. Held at the picturesque Benedictine Schools in Richmond, Virginia, this milestone event brought together over 400 educators, school leaders, and professionals to celebrate five decades of educational excellence. From discussions on foundational teaching principles to insights into financial literacy and threat assessment, the conference explored a diverse range of topics crucial to the evolving landscape of independent education. As the conference unfolded, it became not only a source of information but a celebration of passion, innovation, and the collective commitment to excellence in education.

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69. How To Lead Effective School Meetings with Jill Goodman

How To Lead Effective School Meetings with Jill Goodman

In this episode of Mindful School Marketing, we are joined by Jill Goodman, a consultant with over 20 years of experience working with independent and private schools. The episode focuses on the topic of running successful meetings in educational institutions. Jill emphasizes the importance of having a clear purpose for meetings and structuring them efficiently with well-defined agendas. She discusses the significance of follow-up, action items, and the need to hold participants accountable for their commitments. Jill also highlights the role of mindfulness in leadership, emphasizing the importance of understanding and inspiring your team to achieve a shared vision.

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68. Strategies For Conducting Successful Admissions Events

Strategies For Conducting Successful Admissions Events with Aubrey and Tara

In this episode, we’re excited to guide you through the intricacies of planning, executing, and following up on admission events for schools. We’ll highlight the critical aspects of strategic planning, including choosing the event format (be it in-person or online), setting clear goals, and optimizing your promotional efforts. We also talk through the importance of creating a memorable experience for prospective families, leveraging students as guides, and applying the reciprocity principle when it comes to event giveaways.

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66. Marketing Experiential Learning to Traditional-Minded Families with Todd Ormiston

Marketing Experiential Learning to Traditional-Minded Families with Todd Ormiston

In this episode of Mindful School marketing, we explore experiential education and the profound impact it has on shaping young minds. We are thrilled to be joined by Todd Ormiston, a seasoned educator with 32 years of diverse experience, including teaching, coaching, admissions, and more. In a world often fixated on measurable outcomes, Todd unveils the power of storytelling and earned media in communicating the essence of experiential learning to both progressive and traditional education enthusiasts. Don’t miss this enlightening conversation on the educational journey that goes beyond textbooks and tests to nurture young hearts and minds.

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65. Managing and Implementing Social Media Mindfully As School Leaders with Stephanie Borges Folarin

In a world where social media is essential for school communication, Stephanie Borges Folarin, Head of School at Wye River Upper School in Centreville MD, shares her secrets to managing it mindfully. On this week’s episode of The Mindful School Marketing Podcast, find out how Stephanie navigates the challenges that come with social media and the concept of mindfulness and its application in social media communication. We also cover learning how to effectively tailor social media content to cater to various generations and the necessity and benefits of establishing a comprehensive social media policy for schools.

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64. Elevating Your Brand and Website with Chelsea Janke

Elevating your brand and website with Chelsea Janke

Do you want to enhance your school’s brand messaging and increase the effectiveness of your website? Look no further, because our guest, Chelsea Fanke, will be sharing the key to achieving that desired outcome. Join us on The Mindful School Marketing Podcast as she unveils the strategies and techniques needed to transform your brand and website, ultimately resulting in a stronger presence and heightened appeal for your school. Listen in as Chelsea explains the vital role branding plays in establishing your school’s reputation and trust within the community and find out how a solid brand can leverage your website and influence audience perception positively.

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63. What’s Up With Google Reviews For Schools with Charli DeWhitt

What's Up With Google Reviews For Schools with Charli DeWhitt

In this episode of Mindful School Marketing, we are joined by Charli DeWhitt, a former Director of Marketing, Recruitment and Communications for a school network in Indiana and a current Enrollment Consultant with SchoolMint where she helps schools to attract and enroll more students.  Charli shares her expertise in helping schools attract and enroll more…

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57. Rethinking Fundraising Events with Chris Pryor

Rethinking Fundraising Events with Chris Pryor

In this episode, we explore the world of school partnerships and fundraising with expert Chris Pryor. Chris is the founder and principal of Lead Team Partners. With a career spanning more than two decades in independent schools, Chris has worn many hats from Director of Admission to Assistant Head for Advancement. Tune in to learn how to lead with conviction by highlighting key objectives and maximizing volunteer involvement and how to establish unwavering trust and transparency for outstanding fundraising results. From galas to engaging parents, we uncover the challenges and opportunities in the field.

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54. Email Marketing Strategies for Schools with Rebecca Bernardo-Hartley

In this episode of Mindful School Marketing, we are joined by Rebecca Bernardo-Hartley, a seasoned school marketer with over 7 years of experience in the field. Rebecca shares her expertise on email marketing and how it can help schools showcase their unique stories to prospective families. Throughout the episode, Rebecca shares examples from her own experience at The Wolf School in Rumford, Rhode Island, where she has successfully leveraged email marketing to build strong relationships with current and prospective families. Whether you’re a seasoned school marketer or just starting out, you won’t want to miss this insightful conversation about the power of email marketing for schools.

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