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About Enquiry Tracker

Enquiry Tracker is the all-in-one solution for schools to easily manage their future families. From inquiry to online enrolment, you can automate personalized emails, run events, and virtual tours and get key insights to manage and grow a robust pipeline.

The built-in broadcast communications tool allows you to reach out and proactively engage future families in their unique interests. With all data captured in one user-friendly centralized database that you can easily transfer to your school management system and at long last end those spreadsheets forever!

The Enquiry Tracker solution is used in over 250 schools. Whether you need to grow enrolments or manage your admissions process at best practice – Enquiry Tracker is the game-changer for you!

Best of all, the system has been designed by educationalists for admissions and marketing professionals in K-12 schools. Every school, no matter how small or large, will save time, improve customer service and turn future families into raving families. After all, the lifeline of every school is increased enrollment!

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