73. Goal Setting Strategies For Schools and Life with Tara & Aubrey

In this episode of Mindful School Marketing, we dive into the significance of goal setting as we kick off the new year. We share our enthusiasm for planning, both on a personal level and for our school clients. Our discussion explores challenges school leaders face, the value of reflection, and the necessity of creating actionable plans. As we navigate through these topics, we hope to inspire you to approach goal setting with mindfulness and strategic intent.

Mentioned in the episode:
-12 Week Year Sample Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xHBlKX00d8pgMpOiimeazwTOf554JFYxpcwO9XcvVzc/edit?usp=drive_link
-Year Compass: https://my.equalizedigital.com/audit-remediation-checkout/?ar_price_option=tier2

About Tara Claeys & Aubrey Bursch:

Tara Claeys is the founder of Design TLC – a professional website agency for small schools. She’s passionate about helping organizations provide enriching experiences for children by creating a great first impression online.   Aubrey Bursch is founder + CEO of Easy School Marketing. She’s also a mom, lover of green smoothies and Peloton, and podcast host. She is passionate about supporting small + independent schools to increase enrollment, retention, and revenue.

Find Tara Claeys & Aubrey Bursch:

Aubrey: Website | Linked In | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook
Tara: Website | Linked In | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

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