32. Implementing Critical Technology to Protect & Enhance Your Independent School

Bob is the founder and current President of Edu-Tech Academic Solutions, technology support, management and training solutions partner of choice for independent schools throughout the Philadelphia region. Bob has been providing consulting and support services in the commercial advertising and K-12 educational environment for over 30 years.

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31. Engaging & Nurturing Prospective Parents Through the Admissions Process

When he’s not running Digistorm’s USA operations, Jamie tries his luck on the Colorado ski slopes (with mixed success). Jamie has been loving living and traveling around the US and lives in Denver with his beautiful wife, and two dogs, Kuda and Bert.

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30. Mindfully Finding & Hiring Your School’s Dream Team

Beth is a seasoned professional in the recruiting and talent management space. After a successful career in corporate America, Beth ventured out on her own 10 years ago now and started P3Hired, a search firm focused on a diverse number of industries, helping businesses and nonprofits find exceptional talent for their teams.

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29. Empowering Women Through Time Management: Reclaiming Harmony in Work & Life

Megan is a Time Management Coach for Women and helps them move from overwhelm to empowerment through her TOP Planning System. She is on a mission to stop the hustle culture and help women reclaim real Work+Life harmony using realistic and feminine planning tools and systems.

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28. The Power of Social Proof: Strengthening Your Independent School’s Reputation

Angela Brown is the senior enrollment insights leader for K-12 at Niche, a platform where 27 million students and families researched schools in 2021. In this role she is on a mission to help K-12 marketing, communications, and admissions leaders make their lives easier and elevate their roles in schools.

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27. Marketing Towards a Vision: Growing Your New Independent School

Karyn Ewart is a licensed clinical psychologist who has worked in public and private schools for over 20 years. Five years ago, she opened an independent private school called The Sycamore School in Arlington, Virginia, that embraces a mastery-based learning model.

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26. Retention Strategies that Connect Parents and Retain Students

Aubrey Bursch is founder + CEO of Easy School Marketing. She’s also a mom, lover of green smoothies and Peloton and podcast host. She is passionate about supporting small + independent schools to increase enrollment, retention and revenue.

Tara Claeys is the founder of Design TLC – a professional website agency for small schools. She’s passionate about helping organizations provide enriching experiences for children by creating a great first impression online.

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25. Creating Diversity & Inclusion in the School Enrollment Process & Beyond

A seasoned admission professional, diversity practitioner, and educational consultant, who is currently the Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid at Friends Select School in Philadelphia, PA. He has more than a decade of experience working in independent schools and is passionate about enrollment management, supporting schools in their equity and inclusion work, as well as branding and marketing. Outside of his professional work, Rohan enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends.

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24. Showcasing Your School’s Personality Through Video Production & Storytelling

Joe Monzo is the lead videographer and owner of Monzo Media Productions, where he works alongside small schools, non-profits, and businesses to showcase their unique essence. With years of attending private school, Joe recognizes the nuances of independent schools and achieves this through his love of storytelling via video production. Joe understands the novelty of each school and goes the extra mile to produce content that is unique, authentic, and engaging for all.

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23. Imagining the Future of Digital Marketing for Independent Schools

Trevor Waddington and Liz Yee combined have 30+ years of working in independent schools as directors of admission, enrollment management, marketing, communications, and financial aid (and recess duty!).

They have been in the trenches—giving tours, developing marketing strategies, crunching numbers, and strategizing to grow enrollment and know the pressures (and joys!) schools face.

Today, they support private schools in their digital marketing efforts and obsess about how to use data-driven research, analysis, and testing to engage with prospective parents.


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