65. Managing and Implementing Social Media Mindfully As School Leaders with Stephanie Borges Folarin

In a world where social media is essential for school communication, Stephanie Borges Folarin, Head of School at Wye River Upper School in Centreville MD, shares her secrets to managing it mindfully. On this week’s episode of The Mindful School Marketing Podcast, find out how Stephanie navigates the challenges that come with social media and the concept of mindfulness and its application in social media communication. We also cover learning how to effectively tailor social media content to cater to various generations and the necessity and benefits of establishing a comprehensive social media policy for schools.

About Stephanie Borges Folarin:

Stephanie is the Head of School at Wye River Upper School. This 8th -12th-grade school is located in Centerville, Maryland. Wye River Upper School is committed to affecting lifelong change in the lives of our students, many of whom have struggled in traditional settings.

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