3. Improving Your Work and Home Life Through the Enneagram with Shay Bocks

Have you ever wondered what the Enneagram is all about? In this episode, Aubrey & Tara interview Shay Bocks, Brand Strategist & Enneagram Consultant, about everything enneagram. We discuss the different enneagram types, how your enneagram style may affect parenting, and why this information is key to being more effective for school leaders to mindful at home and at work.

About Shay Bocks:

Shay Bocks is a brand strategist and Enneagram practitioner who helps you unlock the fullness of your life’s work. She believes that personal and professional growth go hand in hand and that the Enneagram is a helpful map for both. We’re so excited to have you here today, Shay, thanks so much for joining us.

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