49. Marketing Your School to Gen Y and Z Parents with Timo Nieuwoudt

Today we are joined with Timo Nieuwoult, marketing leader at Digistorm. Timo dives into the varying marketing tactics geared towards Gen X, Y and Z and how each generation is unique. He shares how each approaches school decision-making differently, as shown in current marketing trends, and how to appease each group.

About Timo Nieuwoudt:

Timo leads the marketing team at Digistorm, a software company that specializes in K-12 schools. Unlike most tech marketers, he believes in the power of building brands around the people they’re meant to serve, and then using a mix of traditional and digital channels to connect with the audience. Professionally he’s worked as a solo marketer and within larger marketing teams, in the travel, technology, and now the education space. He lives in what’s called the Sunshine State of Queensland in Australia, which might explain why he’s a firm believer there’s enough sunshine in the world for all of us.

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