38. Increasing Enrollment by Viewing Parents as Customers and Schools as Businesses with Antony and Greg Campitelli

In this episode we are joined by Antony and Greg Campitelli, brothers and co-founders of Enquiry Tracker: an all-in-one application that stores and manages families, track demands, and grows enrollment. With complementing backgrounds working in schools and the tech industry, these siblings team up to find innovative solutions for independent school marketers and admissions offices everywhere!

About Antony and Greg Campitelli:

Greg is co-founder and Director of Enquiry Tracker. Having spent 40 years in the sector, Greg is one of the most experienced marketing professionals in education. He was a teacher, Year Level Coordinator and Director of Development. He has been on several Boards for schools and not-for-profits. He is the publisher of a national education magazine. He is also the co-host of Ticker Ed education streaming program. He has four children.

Antony is the co-founder and CEO of Enquiry Tracker. In addition to building a company that people love to work at, Antony is passionate about creating scalable products that are not just about solving challenging problems but are fun to use. With over 30 years in Silicon Valley high-tech industry, Antony is an entrepreneur and marketing exec with extensive experience in all aspects of marketing and product management. He has held executive positions at Planet Labs, Apple and Macromedia, and several startups. When not building a business, you can bug him about cooking on his big green egg. He has two kids.

Find Antony and Greg Campitelli:

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Enquiry Tracker is the all-in-one solution for schools to easily manage their future families. From inquiry to online enrollment, you can automate personalized emails, run events, and virtual tours and get key insights to manage and grow a robust pipeline. The built-in broadcast communications tool allows you to reach out and proactively engage future families in their unique interests. With all data captured in one user-friendly centralized database that you can easily transfer to your school management system and at long last end those spreadsheets forever!

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