29. Empowering Women Through Time Management: Reclaiming Harmony in Work & Life

Aubrey and Tara are joined by Megan Sumrell, Founder of ThePinkBee app and Time Management Coach for Women. Megan’s calling is to shift work-life overwhelm toward balance and empowerment through her TOP Planning System. Megan shares her story from working in single-hood to managing the overwhelm of a full-time career while navigating the role as a mother. Telling her story of how she reclaimed her work and life balance, she also shares communication tactics, systems, and productivity tools that will be sure to restore balance and harmony to your work and home life.

About Megan Sumrell:

Megan is a Time Management Coach for Women and helps them move from overwhelm to empowerment through her TOP Planning System. She is on a mission to stop the hustle culture and help women reclaim real Work+Life harmony using realistic and feminine planning tools and systems.

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