23. Imagining the Future of Digital Marketing for Independent Schools

In this episode, Aubrey and Tara chat with Truth Tree’s Principal, Trevor Waddington and Director of Innovation, Liz Yee – together they imagine the future of digital marketing for independent schools discussing newfangled topics such as NFTs, the metaverse, voice first technology as well as brand alignment and mindful marketing that will set up your digital strategy for the year.

About Trevor Waddington & Liz Yee:

Trevor Waddington and Liz Yee combined have 30+ years of working in independent schools as directors of admission, enrollment management, marketing, communications, and financial aid (and recess duty!).

They have been in the trenches—giving tours, developing marketing strategies, crunching numbers, and strategizing to grow enrollment and know the pressures (and joys!) schools face.

Today, they support private schools in their digital marketing efforts and obsess about how to use data-driven research, analysis, and testing to engage with prospective parents.


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