19. Reflecting on Happiness in Work, Life, and Marketing with Michelle Wax

In this thought-provoking episode, Michelle reflects on what makes people happy. She shares insights from her interviews with over 500 people across the country on creating happiness and fulfillment in their lives, regardless of external circumstances. She also talks about how happiness applies to school marketing, and how you can make small shifts in your life to reduce burnout and increase happiness.

About Michelle Wax:

Michelle Wax is the founder of American Happiness Project, a movement across 50 states focused on creating more joy, energy, and connection in the everyday. Michelle works with companies, schools, and individuals to help create positive mindsets, move beyond burnout, and strengthen emotional mental fitness through workshops and ongoing programs.

Show Notes


Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself, by Joe Dispenza

Human Design, Chetan Parkin


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