18. Preventing Burnout Through Intentional Living with Sherry Walling

Are you feeling burnt out at your school? In this motivational episode, Sherry talks about how burnout does NOT have to be a part of your job description as a school leader. Through a mindful and intentional approach towards work and life, you can not only overcome a toxic burnout cycle but actively prevent it. Sherry also discusses the importance of integrating mental health resources into your schools’ teams, as well as incorporating play and movement. 

About Sherry Walling:

Sherry Walling, Ph. D., helps smart people do hard things. She is a clinical psychologist, speaker, podcaster, best-selling author, and mental health advocate. Her company, ZenFounder, helps leaders and entrepreneurs as they navigate transition, loss, conflict, or any manner of complex human experience.

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Show Notes


A Circle of Quiet, by Madeline L’Engle

Motherhood, Lisa Marchiano


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