11. Avoiding Burnout & Embracing Wellness with Stacie Barber

Do you live on the edge of burnout? Are you constantly putting out fires at your school? Stacie emphasizes the importance of putting yourself first in order to create the life you want. She shares transformational tools and techniques for reducing stress, returning to center, and creating harmony within yourself to be able to live and work more holistically and effectively. 

About Stacie Barber:

Stacie Barber is a Transformational Mindset and Life Coach for women who want to come back home to themselves — in mind, body, + soul. She loves guiding her clients to trust in their “inner compass” and stop second-guessing themselves. Through mastering the art of turning down the volume on external expectations and tuning back into their inner knowing, the women she supports begin to remember who they were before the world told them differently, and in turn, reconnect with their authentic desires, vision, and purpose.

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